April 30 - May 1, 2018   •   Toronto
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  • From e-commerce to s-commerce: the new way of buying

    Move over e-comm, there’s a new way to buy on the horizon.

    S-commerce is emerging as the hottest shopping trend of 2018, and execs from Facebook, Twitter and Google will discuss how companies can get ahead of the pack. Learn how brands need to differentiate from e-com retailing practices, and how some are successfully building s-commerce into traditional shopper marketing strategies.

  • From cereal to socks: Why General Mills dips its toes in fashion

    Director of shopper marketing Tiffany Carver talks about why the food company dove into Instagram-worthy footwear, how micro-influencers are helping drive the campaign, and how to leverage the power of nostalgia.

  • How to hack your product development process

    Looking to develop a product that solves a business problem? A breakthrough in how you reach customers? Learn how BuzzFeed uses data, insights and category-specific experts, to develop product and marketing innovation for brand partners. In just five days.

  • Keynote: Embracing start-up culture: How Unilever broke the product development cycle

    Launched in mere months, Unilever's Love Beauty & Planet fast-tracked the product development cycle. Marketing lead Sarah Callaghan shares the trick to making that shortened time-frame work and why an eye towards sustainability is a key to success.

  • The future of retail: blending e-comm with bricks and mortar, shopping with your voice, and lineless stores.

    From lineless stores to shopping with your voice to AI and self-driving cars, the future is techy. But what does it mean for stores and the brands that populate those stores? Deloitte’s Peter Nashed demystifies tomorrow’s technology so brands can start preparing today.

  • Getting the most bang for your digital buck in-store

    From a Facebook-operated gift-grab machine to endless iPhone marathon to discounts based on body heat, Sports Expert has seamlessly blended the in-store and online experience to create activations that get people talking…and shopping. Hear how the sports retailer brought its brand purpose to life digitally and IRL.

  • The changing face of loyalty: Key findings from Bond's The Loyalty Report 2018

    Emerging technology, advancing analytics and smarter programs are creating new and exciting ways to engage shoppers along the entire path to purchase. It’s time to adopt a new outlook on loyalty and move beyond brand’s boundaries to meet the changing needs and expectations of consumers who want to engage.

    Join Sean Claessen, EVP strategy and innovation, Bond Brand Loyalty, for a lesson in how to rethink high-frequency #retailoyalty for the long-run. Using key findings from the Loyalty Report 2018, Claessen will highlight changing consumer and market dynamics and share new opportunities, constructs, emerging models, and innovative approaches that deliver business results.

  • Mythbusting: Getting ahead of the Gen-Z shopper

    Those always-on, born-with-a-phone-in-their-hands, Generation Z shoppers are about to start having real shopping power. The oldest of the youngest generation are turning 16, have part-time jobs and are starting to make up their minds today about the brands they’ll buy tomorrow.

    With a new book set to be released, Idea Couture’s Dominic Smith and Martin Williams dive deep into this little-understood cohort, dispelling myths about how these teens and tweens communicate, and offering insight into how retailers and brands should connect with these emerging consumers as individuals – rather than a single amorphous mass.

  • Meeting the shopper needs of an aging demo

    Everyone loves millennials, but what about boomers – the cohort with the largest disposable income in modern history. As they move into their geriatric years, most marketing risks alienating – or worse, completely ignoring – this powerful demo.

    Colin Milner walks through the financial power of this aging demo, as well as the primary pain points for older shoppers, and shares how brands can start addressing those concerns to win over the boomers of tomorrow.

  • Shopper marketing in the age of personalized experiences

    What value can brands’ direct-to-consumer e-com sites provide? What role do shopper marketers play in this digitally-diverse environment?

    In short – it’s all about the data. TracyLocke’s Jesse Gilbert will share how companies can better use and identify the data they’re already collecting to arm their shopper marketing with a richer consumer profile and use these insights to re-shape the physical retail space and deliver personalized in-store experiences.

  • Quantifying the new path to purchase: Crafting an ROI structure for an evolving shopper marketing world

    Tech is fundamentally changing shopping behavior and the path to purchase is increasingly fragmented. As consumers and brands head online, traditional shopper marketing metrics no longer adequately measure success, and at times, figuring out a marketing program’s ROI can be daunting.

    Help is at hand. Nielsen's Aslam Ghori will explore the biggest measurement myths and realities in the marketing and retail environment today and showcase how shopper marketers can better craft ROI strategies for an increasingly digital world.

  • Keynote: IMI's strategy to increase your marketing budget by more than 40%

    With more than 40% of marketing spend typically destined for failure, IMI completed a comprehensive primary research paper delving into more than 1,000 case studies from 2017. The newly released paper will break down the five steps companies can take to re-purpose those lost dollars (The soon-to-be not-so-secret sauce: It’s about what you need to stop doing).

    Going through the research from across North America, as well as consumer input from more than 10,000 Canadians, Don Mayo will help identify what’s working, what’s not and what needs to be enhanced.

  • Brand activism: How to navigate the current political and cultural landscape to engage (not turn off) consumers

    Keeping your brand out of divisive societal conversations today is neither possible nor a good idea, given the vast majority of consumers (84%) believe that business has a responsibility to bring social change on important issues. But navigating the highly charged social terrain, be it on gun control, climate change, the #metoo movement, or social and economic exclusion, to name a few, is fraught with challenges and unintended consequences.

    So how should a brand capitalize on the positive opportunities, while avoiding the pitfalls of misalignment with consumer beliefs? Phillip Haid of Public Inc. will explain what that means and share key lessons based on the successes and failures of leading global brands.

  • Regaining parent's trust in store (and beyond)

    Consumer loyalty is on the decline, and more than ever, parents are turning to companies they trust when filling their shopping cart. Combined with a changing path-to-purchase, the power of reviews and influencers is on the rise. How do brands make a good enough impression to win on the trust front?

    Parent Trusted Parent Approved’s Sharon Vinderine will present new research on what motivates mom and dad, the importance they place on peer to peer, how that’s influencing the growth of private label lines and what traditional brands can do about it all.

  • Optimizing packaging for an online/offline world

    With a decline in mass advertising and a fragmentation of media budgets, packaging is taking an increasingly important role in both the retail and ecom world. But people look at products differently depending on their environment – so how can brands optimize their design process to win in both?

    Mike Moussallem will walk through the latest packaging research and trends to help audiences better understand how to optimally design products for both worlds.

  • Testing in a virtual world

    Virtual reality isn’t just a cool gimmick or toy – it’s increasingly being used as a valuable research tool to help companies better understand how people shop. VR with eye tracking takes it to the next level.

    Explorer Group’s Anne Stephenson breaks down how brands can build VR into their product development pipeline, how it can allow for rapid prototyping and how companies can embrace tech to improve on innovation.

  • Cracking the Quebec code

    Most Quebecers come from a French culture, live in an English society and have an American lifestyle. But who are they exactly? What do they want? What are their aspirations?

    During the last 30 years, Leger Marketing has collected the secrets, fears and hopes of Quebecers and Canadians, in order to redefine what exactly constitutes the Quebec difference. Christian Bourque will unveil the seven character traits that make Quebecers unique and how shopper marketers can open the hearts, minds and wallets of Quebecers.

  • How Walmart is building out its omnichannel strategy

    Omnichannel innovation is evolving at an incredible pace, challenging the boundaries of legacy processes and highlighting the pitfalls of acting (or not acting) based on historical trends.

    Hear Daryl Porter, VP of omni-channel and online grocery at Walmart Canada, talk tackling these challenges, exploring how the retailer is investing in a future that is unclear and building experiences for a customer who wants to save time and money.

  • Keynote: What does AI mean for retail?

    Artificial intelligence is all the rage. But what does the ever-evolving, rapidly changing technology really mean for shopper marketers?

    IBM’s Susan Salib (and resident Watson expert) will walk the audience through what AI means for retailers right this instant, and how marketers can use it today to get ahead of tomorrow’s disruption.

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