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April 19 & 20, 2016   •   Arcadian Court
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  • Multicultural strategies

    It is widely known that Canada's foreign born and multicultural consumer segments represent a key growth opportunity for brands and retailers. It is less widely know how to execute to capture that opportunity. Some of the key questions those planning a multicultural strategy are:

    • How do you cost-effectively adapt a mass strategy to address the needs of niche cultural targets?
    • How do you balance investment when the size of the segment is small, but the growth is big?
    • How does multicultural strategy fit with other initiatives such as Omnichannel and digital?

    Robin will walk through the key questions around Canadian multicultural strategy and provide a framework to address them as well as show some best in class examples of Canadian multicultural shopper marketing execution.

  • Omnichannel: The retail network of the future

    As consumers continue to blur the lines between their digital and physical realities, so must retailers. Retailers are being challenged to meet the demands of complex, highly informed consumers, collect and analyze a flood of data, and deliver seamlessly across a multitude of channels to ensure a differentiating brand experience and win in a hyper competitive environment.

    Deloitte's most sought after mind in retail, National Retail and OmniChannel Leader, Jennifer Lee, will lead the session as we explore the new role of the store, 'everywhere analytics' and the retail network of the future.

  • Marketing to Millennials: Building Deeper Connections

    So many brands today are trying to target the millennial shopper, but how well do we really know them? Be the first to hear Mintel's proprietary research on this elusive demographic - how do millennials feel impacted by the recent changes in economic conditions? What are their spending priorities? What are the shopping and spending differences within this varied demo? This session will explore some of the defining characteristics of millennials and the implications they have on effectively connecting with them.

  • Winning in Québec

    We all know Quebec is a unique microcosm with its own culture, shopping behaviours and challenges. This session will examine two cases - one brand from English Canada attempting to make headway in Quebec, and an established Quebec brand taking learnings from its home market and applying them to the rest of the country.

  • Trends in big data to improve the shopping experience

    Going beyond the use of big transactional data to personalize CRM, this discussion explores how to harness the gifts of connected shopper data to improve shoppers' experience in-store, where it matters most. Learn a new model for essential shopper data elements, along with applications of this essential data for all the "four P's" of marketing and for emerging trends in store localization.

  • Keynote: The customized experience

    Loblaw may be the largest food retailer in the country, but its knack for customizing the shopper experience has translated into loyal customers who feel right at home at their local store. Its successful PC Plus loyalty program has been built on catering to each individual user with deals and points based on their shopping behaviour. And this customized approach has laddered up to the store level, where each Loblaw location is tailored to the wants and needs of its neighbourhood - from cooking classes to cheese walls.

    Loblaw's Wes Brown will talk about how the company has been winning through customization and how it's impacted the way it communicates with its customers, as well as what's next as the brand will take its approach into the future.

  • The Social Media Trifecta

    To make the most of your brand's online profile, you need to master the big three platforms - Google, Facebook and Twitter. For the first time we bring all three digital players to the Forum stage to reveal the latest research, share insights into consumer behaviour and shed light on how new developments in social media impact shopping. You'll hear from Ali Leung, Group Director, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook (formerly at Unilever); Nancy McConnell, Head of Industry, Consumer Goods at Google; and Jamie Michaels, Head of Brand Strategy at Twitter Canada, as they reveal how brands and retailers can win in the online world.

  • Decoding the New Demo

    This May marks the start of the 2016 Canadian Census, which will produce a completely new demographic "selfie" of the Canadian population beginning in the spring of 2017. But we can spare you the suspense. Companies like Environics Analytics (EA) have been crunching the demographic and lifestyle data to develop projections for the age, income, education, employment and ethnic details of Canadians, and, to a surprising degree, they can even estimate how we will be spending our time and money. In this session, Dr. Doug Norris, one of Canada's most authoritative demographic experts, will bring the census numbers to life, paying special attention to the two largest demographic cohorts - Millennials and Boomers - and exploring how companies can thrive in the changing demographic landscape.

  • From boom to bust: the economy, consumers and you

    Consumers continue to deal with uncertain and uninspiring economic conditions. We may be winning at the pump with lower gas prices, but any savings are offset by rising food prices. The declining Canadian dollar has resulted in inflationary pressures across the store – what should brands and retailers be ready for? Regional economic shifts have resulted in consumers changing their buying behaviours which will define retail trends for the balance of 2016. Retail dollar growth is expected to grow, but at what cost?

  • Is your brand experience ready for the 5th dimension?

    The world is witnessing the emergence of a massive trend that will influence how we create meaningful customer experiences and impact how consumers engage with brands. This trend is the rise of fifth dimension design that creates immersive experiences through the use of virtual goggles and new projection devices. Understanding how to drive unique, immersive, branded user experiences will be critical for brands to succeed in gaining market share and growth. Jean-Pierre Lacroix will look at consumers' awareness of 5D experiences, types of immersive experiences and five factors you need to consider when creating your next immersive experience.

  • Retail Reinvention

    What will the future of retail look like? Stewart Samuel of IGD has spent years analyzing the strategies behind leading grocery retailers, and in this session he'll unveil his findings. Take a look through the crystal ball at the stores of tomorrow, find out what changes are on the horizon and what's already changing today among the world's more innovative retailers.

  • Keynote: Sometimes the long view gets sidetracked by shiny things

    Don Mayo of IMI presents on the imperatives of dealing with 'fact' not fear or hype to succeed in 2016-17, and gives us five things to stop doing, five things to start, five things to ignore and two things to focus on to drive profits. With over 30 years of experience at IMI, Don has helped companies from around the world optimize their ROI.

  • 2016 Advisory Board

    Introducing this year's Shopper Marketing Forum Advisory Board:


    Advisory Board Co-chairs

  • Welcome to the future of shopper marketing

    At Canada's biggest annual Forum on shopper marketing, you'll learn how brands and retailers are navigating trends and deploying new tools and techniques along the path to purchase.

    From intimate briefings with some of Canada's top retailers to keynotes with global experts on loyalty, data, ROI and the economy - Shopper Marketing Forum covers all the key issues impacting retail.

    The Forum also features the Shopper Innovation Awards, a showcase of the most ground-breaking programs in Canada, with a focus on brand and retailer collaboration.

    Don't miss this intense shopper marketing bootcamp. Whether you're on the retail, manufacturer, agency or partner side, SMF packs in everything – and everyone – you need to know to up your shopper game.

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