April 30 - May 1, 2018   •   Toronto

Speaker Sean Claessen

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Sean Claessen

Chief Strategy Officer

Bond Brand Loyalty

When solves for X, he always asks why. Through relentless curiosity, he has coalesced creativity and analytics, evolving the traditional strategy role to mesh finances and data to visual acumen and design thinking.

After years of living in Ad Land, Sean Claessen wanted to give clients results, not just a string of F-words: Fleeting-Frivolous-Fun work. He joined Bond in 2008, as ECD, and has taken years of millennial marketing, experiential excitement and an appetite for innovation into new realms.

He now draws on loyalty and customer experience vocabularies to innovate better in-store, digital, and people-related solutions that create return on investment and return customers. A firm believer that disruption and rapid 'pretotyping' offers all new possibility, he's relentless about agile testing and perpetual iteration. He thinks bigger, goes beyond, and shines light where others would just shoot in the dark.

Speaking at: Lunch-and-learn roundtables; The changing face of loyalty: Key findings from Bond's The Loyalty Report 2018

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