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Lisa Reid

Commercial Operations Leader of Beauty Care, Procter & Gamble Inc

A strategic leader who identifies, integrates and pursues growth opportunities and emerging trends in the Beauty industry, Lisa Reid is the Commercial Operations Leader of Beauty Care at Proctor & Gamble Canada, the largest global consumer goods company. A deeply networked leader known for building strong relationships with partners and employees, Lisa has extensive experience across many of P&G’s iconic brands such as Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Aussie, Gold Series, Old Spice, Secret, Gillette, Ivory, and Olay. 

With 15 years of experience at the consumer-packaged goods giant, Lisa’s passion for brand-building has made her the architect of many successful marketing campaigns, driving growth across many of P&G’s iconic brands. Lisa espouses a holistic, consumer-centric approach for P&G’s Beauty business, which focuses on the psychological journey of consumer behaviors and what influences their choices. This laser focus on the Canadian consumer has shaped highly relevant marketing campaigns, bold media placement choices and retail selling strategies.

As a leader who continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation, Lisa championed and pioneered influencer marketing in Canada.  She was at the forefront of many ground-breaking campaigns before any of the competitors and continues to be a champion of evolving the practice to bring about greater transparency and business impact.  Her creativity has also moved beyond traditional advertising through innovative strategies and placements in the Canadian market. 

Prior to that, Lisa spent 5 years at AIM Trimark Investments in a range of Operations roles, developing from the ground up a deep understanding of the role of ‘service’ in a brand experience. Known for her ability to drive growth, Lisa played an instrumental role in expanding the company’s digital presence to serve and education customers. 

Lisa believes in building a passionate beauty organization with equality and inclusion as long time guiding factors both in the workplace and in tailoring products and content to the plurality of all Canadians.  Notable campaigns include Secret’s #EqualSweat campaign committed to driving equal opportunity for women in sport. Secret made a $1 million commitment to the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association to continue the fight for a more inclusive future for women’s hockey in Canada. Pantene’s #HairHasNoGender Project which highlights the power of hair — especially in a trans or gender non-binary person’s transition and identity — and the importance of support from loved ones. Most recently, the Gold Series #MyHairMyStory campaign that celebrates eight Black Canadian women and their personal hair journeys, how they are expressing their authentic selves through their hair, and by doing so, are resetting beauty ideals. 

Lisa is a transformational leader who challenges the status quo and strengthens the company’s leadership in the category. With the guiding principles of a focus on deep consumer understanding, passion for inclusive beauty and creating a winning organization, Lisa has taken the P&G Beauty business from declining to growing double digit growth over the past two years.

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