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Candace Woods

Head of Marketing, Metro Ontario Inc.

Candace Woods is the Head of Marketing for Metro Ontario Inc. Woods’s previous career spans over 20 years with one of the world’s largest food company’s – Nestle. Prior to joining Metro, Woods was the Director of Marketing for Frozen Food at Nestle Canada, where she defined core brand identities and led creative development for brands such as Stouffers, Lean Cuisine, MarketPlace and Maggi, resulting in sales of over $150 million.

As head of Marketing for Metro Ontario Inc., Woods leads a high-performance team that is responsible for the development and execution of brand and shopper marketing strategies. She is responsible for building integrated
marketing solutions for the Ontario market across all channels for the Metro and Food Basics banners. This includes consumer promotions, mass media and ensuring messaging is consistent across customer touch points. Since coming to Metro in 2018, Woods has used her CPG experience to champion initiatives that led to an increase in brand perception, customer acquisition and share of voice in the increasingly competitive grocery retail industry.

Woods is a strong communicator and mentor known for motivating her team to peak performance. She shares her knowledge and experiences through her personal approach. With a strong passion for transforming the way retailers interact with customers, Woods is committed to building local community connections.

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