April 29-30, 2019
Toronto, ON
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Canadians’ evolving approach to wellness and healthful shopping

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

What does ‘healthy eating’ mean to consumers?  The answer to this question has both evolved and expanded over the past decade, impacting how shoppers behave and make brand decisions. 

Canadians who once solely focused on evaluating nutrient intake together with the pursuit of fresh, less processed options, now also consider targeted benefits that proactively assist in overall wellness, as well as increasingly assessing product sustainability as a means to defining “better-for-you” choices.

This new approach to health and wellness has also resulted in:
  • Prioritization of high-quality foods and beverages.
  • Reconsideration of personal benefit requirements to now include factors like satiety, energy, mental focus and sleep.
  • New levels of information engagement that may challenge the advice of traditional, institutional, and governmental authorities.
  • More research and scrutiny by consumers prior to purchase, as well as at the shelf.
  • Increased focus on the importance of the product lifecycle and it’s societal and environmental impacts.
The intersection of nutrient, metabolic and social health needs offers considerable opportunity for both retailers and manufacturers who wish to align themselves to consumers’ contemporary health and wellness aspirations.  At the same time, increased transparency about products and an evolving retail environment are leading to new ways to communicate with and create experiences for shoppers looking to make healthier choices in-store.

Naumi Haque, VP of Research and Kathy Perrotta, VP at Ipsos share findings based on research about this new, conscious and ever-evolving shopper.


Naumi Haque
VP, Research
Ipsos Market Strategy & Understanding

Kathy Perrotta
Vice President

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