April 29-30, 2019
Toronto, ON
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Brita's reimagined shopper journey

Monday, April 29, 2019
3:20 PM - 3:50 PM

From CSR to virtual reality, Clorox's VP of Marketing, Matt Kohler is reinvigorating the Brita brand.  By emphasizing a strong brand purpose throughout the entire shopper journey, Brita creates a “triple bottom line” to benefit the consumer, the company AND the planet.  This includes highlighting the importance of clean water access in countries like Kenya, where the quest for clean water is an arduous journey.  Brita also highlights the growing problem of bottled water waste and ways we can keep plastic water bottles out of our waterways.  Brita does this by engaging consumers through art installations, documentary film, experiential events, virtual reality, and in-store activity.  This presentation highlights the importance of corporate social responsibility and the ways business leaders can make a difference in the world. 


Matthew Kohler
VP, Marketing
Clorox Company of Canada

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