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May 3-4, 2017   •   Fairmont Royal York
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  • Keynote: The great disruptors

    VR, AR, AI, blockchain, bitcoin – it will all have a crucial impact on the way consumers search in store, use products and services and buy. Retail guru John Torella will dive into these great technological disruptors that will change your business and leave you with a deeper and more insightful understanding of the need to rethink your go-to-market strategies and programs for the future. Pain or gain – it’s up to you.

  • Keynote: What’s in store for the path-to-purchase?

    People are fundamentally shopping differently today than they used to just five years ago. Canadian consumers are taking fewer trips to the store and changing the traditional path to purchase and offering fewer chances for retailers and manufacturers to engage. With the shopper journey shifting, it’s time to find new ways to connect with consumers - whether it’s pre, during or post-sale. From non-traditional retailers to digital to health and wellness trends, Nielsen’s Carman Allison breaks down what marketers must understand – and embrace – when it comes to how Canadians are shopping.

  • Keynote: Success in today’s cheaper/faster economy

    Consumers, customers and brands a like all are demanding for 'cheaper/faster' with the hopes of 'better'. We all know continued price discounting can destroy brand equity and long-term value so what do brands need to do today?
    IMI’s Don Mayo will use research completed in April 2017 along with case studies from 2016/17 to explore today’s "pricing" realities and what it takes to drive brand relevance and share. Don will share the essential steps to engage and activate the shopper to win in the immediate, mid and long-term.

  • Keynote: Walmart Canada’s omnichannel journey

    Walmart Canada is aggressively pursuing its digital transformation to deliver on its fundamental "Everyday Low Price" model and to acknowledge the increasing roles that convenience and experience have on the value equation. In this session, Walmart Canada's Daryl Porter will share how the retailer is building an omnichannel business that leverages physical stores, technology, analytics and – most importantly – people. He will also touch on learnings from international cousins and innovating to solve the ecommerce challenges facing retailers across our unique Canadian landscape and will explore the changing media ecosystem and how CPG brands and shopper marketing professionals can best arm themselves for the future.

  • The e-commerce opportunity

    We all know e-commerce presents significant opportunities for Canadian brands and retailers, but how should it be leveraged best? Mark Baltazar will share for the first time results from BrandSpark’s Canadian E-commerce Shopper Study. Dive deep into insights about how Canadian shoppers discover, consider and ultimately purchase CPG products online, plus much more.

  • How do Canadians truly feel about online grocery?

    Sobeys, Loblaw, Walmart, and Metro are all testing various online grocery services, while emerging start-ups continue to innovate new ways to shop. To capitalize on these new touch points, there’s a need to identify how to redefine interactions with shoppers. This session will delve into proprietary research from Kantar and examine how Canadians are already using digital as part of their grocery shopping process, and anticipate how these services are going to impact on our shopper connections in the coming years.

  • Winning with omnichannel: Leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to compete in today’s retail landscape

    It's more critical than ever to be where the shopper is and today, that means getting online and getting social. During this lively exchange, experts from YouTube, Twitter and BuzzFeed will offer insights into how brands and retailers can best use their platforms to stand out and deliver results. With the onslaught of Alibaba, the exponential growth of Amazon and other pure online retailers, the Canadian retail market was forced to “go global” overnight. The market polarization has become even more pronounced with the dominance of the discount store and the growth in the luxury segment. To stay ahead of this disruption, retail executives need to understand not only what’s driving their customers’ behaviour but also provide a more seamless consumer experience.

    Deloitte’s recently released 2016 Omnichannel Customer Experience Index measured 200 North American retailers along the path to purchase. Join Deloitte’s Jennifer Lee as she reveals the key findings of the study and discusses the best practices for implementing an omnichannel strategy.

  • The media trifecta

    It's more critical than ever to be where the shopper is and today, that means getting online and getting social. During this lively exchange, experts from YouTube, Twitter and BuzzFeed will offer insights into how brands and retailers can best use their platforms to stand out and deliver results.

  • Multicultural 2.0: The evolution of ethnic engagement

    Multicultural advertising has fast evolved to become a staple of Canada's retail environment. It has also grown to become a discipline far more complex than simple translations and one-off festive campaigns.

    Join Waseem Shaikh (Multicultural Creative Lead, McCann Canada) as he unpacks the evolving makeup of Canada's immigrant population, new avenues within ethnic media, opportunities for finer segmentation through digital and social media, along with various tools and considerations for your brand to have a sustained, year-round relationship with the ethnic consumer.

  • Neuroscience and mobile

    Global investment in mobile video advertising is set to reach $25 billion by 2021 – so the need to understand the power and the perils of mobile is in high demand. Until now, marketers have relied heavily on users’ explicit responses and feedback to determine whether their mobile efforts have hit the mark. But with so many variables, traditional research methods can feel incomplete, which is where neuroscience and biometric research can fill the gap.

    Join True Impact founder and CEO Diana Lucaci as she delves into research and insights around how a well-designed mobile experience can drive receptivity, human attention, purchase intent and, ultimately, positive business impact.

  • Insights into Action: How the economy of sharing is changing how shoppers are interacting with brands

    With so much time spent in the world of digital media, shoppers are looking for ways to connect with community “IRL.” Originating from the millennial generation, there is a desire to share experiences, material goods, and moments in order to connect authentically with your environment and those around you. Companies that contribute to the environment of ‘sharing’ are providing customers with the control over when, where, and how often they want to connect to community; this connection with community contributes to a more emotional relationship with brands. Cultural anthropologist Johanna Faigelman will share how this impacts your shopper marketing business today.

  • Insights into Action: The evolution of the conscious consumer

    Conscious consumerism is a growing global movement whereby shoppers seek out ways to make positive purchasing decisions through buying products that are healthier, more environmentally friendly and in some instances driven towards generating community impact. While polling data suggested consumers will pay more for products that create positive social and environmental benefit, the reality is most won’t. Phillip Haid will lead you through a presentation and discussion that explores the myths and benefits of conscious consumerism through global examples, trends and research.

  • Insights into Action: The household of the future

    Roles and responsibilities within the Canadian household are evolving – and along with them, the implications for shopper behaviour change. In this session, Harbinger’s Jennifer Lomax will argue why brands – especially for marketers of household, grocery and children’s products – must take into account shifts in gender roles. Specifically, she will share the results of two recent gender roles studies that conclude marketers are falling behind in their portrayal of the modern North American home and that consumers are ready for a new marketing approach. Learn about the differences among Boomer, Gen X and millennial households and the realities marketers must embrace as they prepare for the future.

  • Setting KPIs for your loyalty program

    Typically companies view loyalty programs as a cumbersome cost centre. But a loyalty program rooted in strategy that has the organization and the customer as the focal point can convert itself not only into a lucrative revenue stream, but also a meaningful program that customers can stand as advocates for. Through lens of the company – including the CFO – and the customer, Jeff Berry will explore the nuances of setting up a successful loyalty program against robust KPIs and the questions brands should be asking.


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