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April 19 & 20, 2016   •   Arcadian Court
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  • Welcome to the future of shopper marketing in 2016

    Shoppers are changing their behaviour faster than you can Google retail reinvention. Myriad influences, from mobile to social to big data, are having an impact that goes beyond evolution, bordering on mutation.

    At Canada's biggest annual Forum for shopper marketers, you'll learn how brands and retailers are navigating the new trends and deploying the new tools along the path to purchase.

    From intimate briefings with some of Canada's top retailers to keynotes with experts from around the globe to discovering new research findings, technology, loyalty, data advances, case studies and consumer trends - Shopper Marketing Forum will have it all. The Forum will also play host to the Shopper Innovation Awards, a showcase of the most ground-breaking programs in Canada, with a focus on brand and retailer collaboration.

    Don't miss this intense shopper marketing bootcamp experience. Whether you're on the retail, manufacturer, agency or partner side of the path to purchase, SMF packs in everything – and everyone – you need to know to up your shopper game.

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  • Is your brand experience ready for the 5th dimension?

    The world is witnessing the emergence of a massive trend that will influence how we create meaningful customer experiences and impact how consumers engage with brands. This trend is the rise of fifth dimension design that creates immersive experiences through the use of virtual goggles and new projection devices. Understanding how to drive unique, immersive, branded user experiences will be critical for brands to succeed in gaining market share and growth. Jean-Pierre Lacroix will look at consumers' awareness of 5D experiences, types of immersive experiences and five factors you need to consider when creating your next immersive experience.

  • The Digital Diet: You Are What You Eat

    Today's big data enables highly targeted digital promotions that very effectively and efficiently drive transactional sales. The temptation to forgo healthy brand building activity in favour of adrenaline spiking short-term sales is greater than ever. Join Shoppers Drug Mart's Shelagh Stoneham on the importance of a balanced diet and the critical role it plays in long-term brand health.

  • Retail Reinvention

    What will the future of retail look like? Stewart Samuel of IGD has spent years analyzing the strategies behind leading grocery retailers, and in this session he'll unveil his findings. Take a look through the crystal ball at the stores of tomorrow, find out what changes are on the horizon and what's already changing today among the world's more innovative retailers.

  • Keynote: Sometimes the long view gets sidetracked by shiny things

    Don Mayo of IMI presents on the imperatives of dealing with 'fact' not fear or hype to succeed in 2016-17, and gives us five things to stop doing, five things to start, five things to ignore and two things to focus on to drive profits. With over 30 years of experience at IMI, Don has helped companies from around the world optimize their ROI.

  • 2016 Advisory Board

    Introducing this year's Shopper Marketing Forum Advisory Board:


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