April 29-30
Arcadian Court, Toronto


Unilever: Understanding your Amazon shopper

Thursday, April 30, 2020
2:50 PM - 3:20 PM

Learn how Unilever solved a common ecommerce problem by gleaning better insights into Amazon shoppers. Partnering with shopper insights firm BrandSpark International, Unilever deployed its Shopper Army platform to crack the Amazon shopper code. Using online research and transactional data from Amazon shoppers, they gained a better understanding of:
· the main differences between Amazon and offline shoppers
· the journey of the Amazon shopper and the role of "subscribe and save"
· purchase drivers within categories
· the role personal care categories play in Amazon shoppers' basket size
· the importance of product and packaging formats to the Amazon personal care shopper

In this presentation, David Hyndman, CMI Category Customer Manager - Canada Team Lead of Unilever and Phil Scrutton, VP Shopper Insights of BrandSpark will unveil how they mined hard-to-uncover insights from Amazon basket analysis.

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