April 29-30, 2019
Toronto, ON
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Optimizing brand communications per retailer

Monday, April 29, 2019
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

In an age of curated product recommendations, social feeds and even potential partners, we all expect more - and more relevant - personalization in our lives. However, most integrated brand plans don’t factor in how the path to purchase differs from retailer to retailer. By leveraging retailers' digital touchpoints as awareness channels and delivering tighter integration between upper funnel efforts and retailer-specific programs, brands can optimize how they’re segmenting audiences based on shoppers' store-specific preferences. Personalization doesn’t always have to be as granular as serving shoppers products they researched yesterday; in-store activations can be optimized via customized messaging shoppers are served prior to entering the retail environment.

Jesse Gilbert, VP, Integrated Planning at TracyLocke will show how shopper marketers are leveraging higher funnel brand communications across e-com platforms, in-store and online retailer assets, as well as brand channels, to better optimize for key retailers and their shoppers.


Jesse Gilbert
VP, Integrated Planning
TracyLocke Canada

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