Keynote: Shopper psych

Why Target missed the mark + who's getting it right

Maxime Bourbonnais
MBA Recherche

Dr Hugh Phillips
Phillips Foster & Boucher

There's learning in failure. And from success. Examining the positioning and perception of Target's stores, in-store expert Dr. Hugh Phillips will analyse why the U.S. retail giant's hotly anticipated Canadian launch spectacularly collapsed, and will contrast that lesson with case studies of retail clients that are using in-store communication techniques with great success.

Together with Montreal-based market researcher and psychosociologist Maxime Bourbonnais, Dr. Phillips, the author of The Cognitive Psychology of Shopping and In-store Marketing, will share fresh insights and tips for building powerful in-store messaging, based on understanding what makes people buy.


Emerging tech in the world of retail

Nilesh Bansal
CTO & Co-Founder

Stéphane Bérubé
L'Oréal Canada

Kristina Elkhazin
Head of Industry for Retail
Google Canada

Jim Reynolds
Director of E-Commerce
Product management
Indigo Books & Music

Seth Stover
Managing Director

With a plethora of ever-evolving technologies up for grabs, including iBeacons, digital flyers, AR apps, and Google Glass, to name but a few, marketers are finding new ways to up the ante in connecting with today's tech-savvy shopper. Find out how leading brands and retailers are integrating the latest gadgets into the shopping experience.


Geoff Lee
Group Creative Director
Olson Canada


Keynote: Creating omni-channel content to build a seamless brand voice

Suthamie Poologasingham
Sr. Advisor, Digital & Omni-Channel, and Director of Research
JC Williams Group

Ethan Song
Co-founder, CEO,
and Creative Director
Frank & Oak

With the explosion of technology, shoppers are engaging with brands across multiple platforms, so creating a voice that bridges all channels gives retailers and manufacturers a significant edge. This session will kick off with winning strategies for adapting to the Omni-channel world and generating frictionless content to drive engagement, from guru, Suthamie Poologasingham.

Ethan Song will follow by revealing how Montreal-based Frank & Oak has evolved from an online fashion start-up to a hip lifestyle brand with 1.6-million loyal customers across North America by building a seamless multi-platform voice, and he will share the latest shopper-centric strategies in-store and across all digital and mobile touch-points. Our speakers will close the session with a lively conversation.


Navigating the digital minefield to win shoppers

Kevin Lund
Managing Director, Global Retail Programs

All too often, retailers and brands embark on digital initiatives that fail to make an emotional connection with customers. Illustrating with examples from his work with major retail clients, Perennial's Kevin Lund will discuss the art of weaving digital and social media into the shopping experience in a way that creates a continuous cycle of affirmation.

Learn which common pitfalls to avoid and discover how to build powerful connections with shoppers by tapping into their digital behaviour, while maximizing ROI.


Keynote: Anthropology in the world of shopper marketing

Using cultural insights to influence spending

Graham Candy
Fresh Squeezed Ideas

Every decision we make is an act of culture, so digging deep into the underlying social and cultural drivers behind shopper behaviour is critical for growth-focused brands.

Graham Candy, cultural strategist at Toronto-based Fresh Squeezed Ideas, will shed light on how anthropology can be used in the study and practice of shopper marketing and retailing, and will explain and illustrate through case studies with key clients, how brands and retailers can turn shoppers into buyers by uncovering powerful cultural insights.


Boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Edge

What they value and how to reach them

Caroline Fletcher
VP & Head of Toronto
The Sound Research

Did you know that post-millennial shoppers look for marketing that reflects reality? Because of the sociocultural forces that have collectively shaped them, they don't respond to projected images of perfection like past generations have.

Understanding the values of different generations is essential for brands and retailers – and if you don't act on what makes them tick, your competitors will.

Caroline Fletcher, VP & head of The Sound Research,Toronto, brings to life the sociocultural values and motivations of boomers, Gen X, millennials and post-millennials (Gen Edge) and explains how to connect with each demo.

Fletcher has conducted research internationally across multiple categories for some of the world's biggest brands and retailers. The Sound Research conducts strategic, qualitative research across Canada and around the world


LCBO's brand overhaul reaps in-store rewards

Kerri Dawson
VP, Marketing

LCBO recently rejuvenated its image with a more content-rich web site, a new logo, a modernized store design in Toronto's Beaches, and a fresh brand vision: Let's get together.

The shake-up - intended to bring a more fun and casual feel to the already best-in-class retail experience - is driving more shoppers to the web site and to stores. VP marketing Kerri Dawson will share the story behind the brand refresh and the latest shopper marketing success stories both in-store and online.


Inside the Mind of the Shopper

Diana Lucaci
True Impact Marketing

Shopper decisions are driven by emotion over 90% of the time, so understanding why they do what they do is critical to predict – and influence – retail behaviour.

Diana Lucaci will delve into recent case studies to show how to use neuroscience to understand shopper behaviour, and to shed light on the impact of the omni-channel retail experience.

As founder and CEO of Toronto-based True Impact, Lucaci uses neuroscience and biometrics research to help drive brand growth.


Retail Trends 2020: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Carman Allison
VP, Consumer Insights

In an ever-evolving retail landscape, manufacturers and retailers need to stay one step ahead of the game by responding rapidly to each new trend and opportunity in the market.

Back by popular demand, Nielsen's VP consumer insights, Carman Allison will explore the emerging shopper and retail trends that will start to have an impact on the grocery business before this decade is out, and he will explain how and why you need to capitalize on them to make your business grow.


Introducing exclusive "30 Minutes With A Retailer"

Still wondering how you can work more closely with retailers? The Forum's exclusive track of retailer briefings is back and better than ever.

In these intimate, interactive sessions, we invite manufacturers and agencies to join some of Canada's leading retailers to share ideas for successful collaboration. Don't miss this rare opportunity to have your questions answered and learn how your brand can benefit from strategic partnerships with these category leaders.

Wes Brown
Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Retail
Loblaw Companies Limited

Back again by popular demand, Wes Brown will share his vision for successful collaboration with manufacturers, and will answer your burning questions.

Dan Howe
VP, Marketing, Communications & Loyalty
Overwaitea Food Group

Representing western Canadian retail, Dan Howe will discuss some of the shopper marketing initiatives that are driving success across Overwaitea's five banners, and he will share his strategy for building a win-win partnership with vendor sales and marketing organisations during the retailer's 100th year.

Shelagh Stoneham
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Shoppers Drug Mart

Meet Shoppers Drug Mart's new SVP marketing, Shelagh Stoneham as she address the retailer's latest shopper marketing initiatives and explains how your brand can benefit from getting involved.

Gino Plevano
Sr. Director, Digital
Metro Inc

Senior director, digital, Gino Plevano, will revel the latest developments in the retailer's digital ecosystem, and he will address how your brand can be a part of it.


Shopping is changing. Are you ready?

Find out what's working now ... and what's next

Shoppers are changing their behaviour faster than you can Google retail reinvention. Myriad influences, from mobile to social to big data, are having an impact that goes beyond evolution, bordering on mutation.

At Canada's biggest annual Forum for shopper marketers, you'll learn how brands and retailers are navigating the new trends and deploying the new tools along the path to purchase.

From intimate briefings with some of Canada's top retailers to keynotes with experts from around the globe to discovering new research findings, technology, loyalty data advances, case studies and consumer trends - Shopper Marketing Forum will have it all. The Forum will also play host to the Shopper Innovation Awards, a showcase of the most ground-breaking programs in Canada, with a focus on brand and retailer collaboration.

Don't miss this intense shopper marketing bootcamp experience. Whether you're on the retail, manufacturer, agency or partner side of the path to purchase, SMF packs in everything – and everyone – you need to know to up your shopper game.

Register now to take advantage of the early bird rate! (expires Dec. 15, 2014)


Keynote: Transforming shopper insights into business strategies

Measuring purchase behaviour can be a challenging business for retailers and manufacturers alike, but it is vital for building customer loyalty and creating a personalised shopping experience. Citing examples from his work with brands and retailers including UK grocery powerhouse, Tesco, and US retailer, Kroger, dunnhumby's global CEO, Simon Hay will explain where opportunities for measurement lie in big data and will divulge how analyzing measurement can drive powerful synergies between vendors and retailers. Discover how to use the data and insights gleaned from measurement to make critical decisions for your business.

Simon Hay
Global CEO

Now based in the UK, Hay has more than 20 years experience with dunnhumby. He worked with Tesco for seven years, managing the ground-breaking Clubcard loyalty scheme, and also led dunnhumby's expansion into the US through a partnership with Kroger. Customer science company and big data pioneer, dunnhumby (now a subsidiary of Tesco), is currently working with Metro in Canada to improve loyalty through more customer-centric strategies.


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